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Barnes & Noble – 20% off one item: Now through Monday October 14, 2013

Once in a while I cheat on Amazon but only when Barnes & Noble has a promo code. And I’m buying a book. And I’m using the promo code AND Barnes & Noble gift card from Cardpool at 12% off discount. I prefer to turn pages of a book the old fashioned way, unlike my baby who is getting all too good at turning pages on the iPad.…

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American Apparel: Clothing Store

*25% off American Apparel gift cards at Cardpool and you can use it with promo codes*


Despite their controversial advertising I like American Apparel. Reasonably good quality and American Made. Sounds pretty good to me!



1. sales and promo code events: coupons vary from 20-30% throughout the year and sales are towards the end of each season and discounts are up to 70%.…

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H&M: Clothing Store

*22% off H&M gift cards at Cardpool and you can use it with coupons*


The Husband loves H&M. Mostly shorts and pants… thankfully he doesn’t try to keep up with the trend. He’s too old for denim on denim. Or plaid. Are these even still ‘in’? I have no clue when it comes to men’s fashion.…

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Maximizing Your Spending with Gift Cards

I often get asked ‘How do I buy this item at the cheapest possible price?’. Whilst its never a one size fits all kind of an answer because it depends on the item, store/promotion and your current portfolio of credit cards, there are three ways to always maximise cashback/miles/points on all your purchases. This is how I shop.…

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Sephora: Beauty Store

*15% off Sephora gift cards at Cardpool and you can use it with promo codes*


If you’ve ever regretted buying new skincare or make up products, you should be shopping at Sephora – it is THE beauty store. They carry traditional beauty brands sold at department stores, diverse range of dermatologist brands and lots of make up artist brands.…

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Cardpool: Online Gift Card Merchant

Cardpool has to be the smartest idea since gift cards. Gift cards make great gifts but what do you do with unwanted ones? Through Cardpool, you can sell unwanted gift cards and buy gift cards at a discount. Everyone wins! I have bought and sold gift cards through Cardpool and I love it. I like buying gift cards at merchants where they offer promotions and coupons so I can use the gift cards to get an even bigger discount.…

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