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Amazon: Online Megastore


Everyone loves Amazon. Well maybe not Bed Bath and Beyond according to Forbes but everyone seems to shop on Amazon – even my friends in Australia! I love love love Amazon – its a convenient way to shop, prices are low and 2 day shipping is awesome (I have Amazon Prime). But did you know that Amazon prices fluctuate during the day? I can’t explain the science behind it – I’m sure its some complex algorithm based on inventory, demand, vendors and other fun factors but it goes up and down. My latest purchase? Ergo Baby Carrier for $94.94, current selling price is $134.99. There is no secret – I simply add the items to my cart and monitor the prices until I’m happy that its a big enough discount. So next time you’re thinking of buying something, add the item to your cart and check back every few days – easy to do with the App. You might be pleasantly surprised!!! Oh and I always check prices offered by independent merchants that are fulfilled by Amazon because some stores don’t collect tax in all states.



1. sales and promo code events: Most items are discounted or will be discounted at some point. Note that items are either sold/shipped by Amazon, sold by an independent merchant and fulfilled by Amazon or sold/shipped by an independent merchant. I generally stay away from purchasing from items that are sold/shipped by an independent merchant because it usually means shipping charges and return policy isn’t always favourable toward the consumer. Baby Registry completion discount is 10% off one purchase.

2. shipping fees: Shipping is free for orders $25 or more. If you’re Amazon Prime member, 2 day shipping is free with every order from Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon.

3. customer service: Assistance is available via phone, live chat and email. Return policy is decent – you might have to pay return shipping or restocking fee if you change your mind though.


Having just the online store means that I have to go to the brick and motar store to check out the items. I also can’t return the item to store… shipping returns mean you have to deal with missing packages. Bleh.


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