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Miles & Points Check 2015


We had to cancel our trip to Korea (ie. First Class suites on Asiana Airlines ICN to LAX!!!) so I’m going to have another go at redeeming first class seats for the family. Not bad considering we’ve been to Paris twice and Australia and sent the parents to Korea!



  • United Miles: 568 miles
  • American Miles: 433,533 miles
  • Korean Air Miles: 33,764 miles
  • Qantas Miles: 17,848 miles
  • British Airways: 86,800 miles



  • Starwood Points: 49,569 points
  • Hilton: 45,192 points
  • Ritz Carlton: 150,184 points
  • Hyatt: 162,495 points


Bank Points

  • Chase Ultimate Rewards: 560,419 points
  • Citi Thank You: 39,160 points
  • American Express Membership Rewards: 248,521 points

2 Responses to “Miles & Points Check 2015”

  1. Nice!! How does one accumulate all these points?? Please pass along any wisdom my way. I had my 40k sign-on bonus miles with Chase Sapphire and not sure how to build from there… Hmmmm

    • naomi
    • Reply
    • Our website was under construction… I’m so sorry I took forever to respond! We do what people call “Manufactured Spending” as well as taking advantage of gift cards and online shopping portals. If you want to learn more, please email me. I can point you in the right direction!


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