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Four New Cards and 265,000 Miles/Points: My Q2 Round of Credit Card Applications


UPDATE: I’m happy to share that I’ve received Membership Reward points and Starpoints!!!


I was very stressed out about which credit cards to apply for this quarter for two reasons: Amex announced that you cannot earn sign up bonus more than once and then you could no longer buy Vanilla Reloads with credit cards at CVS. After lots of scribbling pros and cons, in the end I decided to experiment with Amex cards that I have had and cancelled in the past to see if I still get the sign up bonus. Then I found an alternative (albeit a time consuming one) to Vanilla Reloads – One Vanilla can be loaded to Bluebird from American Express at Walmart! Not exactly the best way to spend 10 minutes of my life but for miles/points, I Husband will just have to make time.


DISCLAIMER: Credit cards can be extremely dangerous for those that cannot control their spending and are not financially disciplined. If you cannot pay your credit card off in full at the end of every statement cycle, all the miles/points are NOT worth paying 15-25% interest. If you don’t have high enough credit score, your applications will be denied and it will lower your score even further. If you plan to take out a mortgage for a home or a loan for a car, recent inquires on your credit will impair your ability to get the best rate, or the loan. You don’t have to earn a lot, but you do need to spend less than you earn. Read more about it on Eden’s blog – Credit Score FAQ.


American Express

American Express Platinum (annual fee of $450) with potential sign up bonus of 40,000 Membership Reward points. Platinum also offers $200 Airline Fee Credit and Airport Club Access Program (not Admirals Club though).

Why: 40,000 Membership Reward points aren’t that exciting but I had to take the chance!

American Express Starwood Preferred Guest (annual fee of $65 waived for the first year) with potential sign up bonus of 10,ooo Starpoints with first purchase and 15,000 Starpoints with $5k spend within 6 months.

Why: Starpoints are very valuable. I can redeem them for stays at SPG properties or transfer 20,000 Starpoints to airlines and get 5,000 bonus miles (ie. 25,000 miles). Also gives me 2 stays and 5 nights towards Platinum status so hopefully I’ll be enjoying the Platinum level perks sooner!



Citi Executive/AAdvantage World Elite Mastercard (annual fee of $450) is 100,000 miles as long as I spend $10k within 3 months.

Why: I applied for this card twice to get sign up bonus of 200,000 miles (you have to wait at least 8 days from your first Citi application to apply for a second Citi credit card). I need at least 400,000 miles by the end of this year for our trip to Australia/Japan or Thailand and I have approximately 220,000 miles right now so these applications will get me there. Well I’m hoping that it will get me there. Plus you get a statement credit of $200 so the annual fee is really $250 each. You also get access to Admirals Club for you and your guest, free checked bag, double miles on AA ticket purchases and 25% off in flight food and beverage purchases.


I’m usually not a fan of credit cards with hefty annual fees but maybe it was all that stressing that made me do it!


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