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Maximizing Your Spending with Gift Cards


I often get asked ‘How do I buy this item at the cheapest possible price?’. Whilst its never a one size fits all kind of an answer because it depends on the item, store/promotion and your current portfolio of credit cards, there are three ways to always maximise cashback/miles/points on all your purchases. This is how I shop.


1. Always shop online through a shopping portal: I cannot stress how rewarding it is to shop online. Depending on how you value cash back vs. miles, you can earn both just by shopping through shopping portals. My favourite cash back shopping portals are EBATES, BeFrugal, Big Crumbs and Mr.Rebates. If I need miles, American Airlines, United or Delta are my go to airline shopping portals.

2. Shop with gift cards: Check out cardpool.com. You can buy gift cards to department stores, retail stores and restaurants at a discount (1% to 30% discount) and also earn 2% cash back just by shopping through befrugal.com. If you want to earn miles/points instead, use credit cards with category bonus points. For example, with my Chase Ink Bold credit card, I earn 5X points at office supply stores. I always see bloomingdales or Nordstrom gift cards at office supply stores so instead earning 1X point on my online purchases, I earn 5X points buy buying and shopping with gift cards.

3. Always use a promo code: Promo code box is on the checkout page for a reason. Promo codes are out there!


Unfortunately, there is no cash back/miles for purchases with gift cards through the shopping portals. Unless you have a Chase Ultimate Rewards account, in which case you can combine 1 and 2 and shop when 3 is available. Bookmark this page – Boarding Area Laboratory.


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