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Cardpool: Online Gift Card Merchant


Cardpool has to be the smartest idea since gift cards. Gift cards make great gifts but what do you do with unwanted ones? Through Cardpool, you can sell unwanted gift cards and buy gift cards at a discount. Everyone wins! I have bought and sold gift cards through Cardpool and I love it. I like buying gift cards at merchants where they offer promotions and coupons so I can use the gift cards to get an even bigger discount. I just used a Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon and with the gift cards at 5.5% discount, I got a total of 25.5% off.



1. sales and promo code events:

Buying – Gift cards are discounted already but if you add them to your wishlist, you’ll receive email notifications of further discounts (ever so nominal though). These gift cards never expire but please note that the plastic gift cards aren’t always in pristine condition that is appropriate for gifts (unless you buy electronic gift cards or paper gift cards). No fees!

Selling – You can sell electronically (no mailing required) or mail your gift cards using free shipping label. They send you a check within 24 hours of receiving the gift cards. If you want more money, you can sell for Amazon gift cards at 5% bonus.

2. shipping fees: Buying & Selling – FREE!!! You can buy/sell electronic gift cards (can only be used online), paper gift cards (can be used both online and in store) and plastic gift cards (can be used both online and in store) and its all FREE!!!

3. customer service: You can email your questions and they’re pretty responsive. Electronic/mobile gift cards are not returnable.


None whatsoever.


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