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hk nycOriginally from Sydney Australia, I moved to New York to live the hectic but glamorous life in the hustle and bustle that is Manhattan. Fast forward to 2012 – after nine years in finance and many amazing life experiences later (including meeting my wonderful husband) I knew it was time for another change – southern California and motherhood! However not long into my new lifestyle in SoCal, it dawned upon me that I was not so different to my mum. I was today’s generation of ajumma. I am ajumma 2.0.
Here’s a sample of the things I do because it is my right as an ajumma. I refuse to pay the full retail price at department stores and especially at online stores (don’t get me started on shipping charges) so I bargain 21st century style – using a combination of promotional codes, store reward bonuses and cash rebate websites when I shop. I have 13 credit cards and I chase points and miles like a Tiger Mum chases her kids to extra-curricular activities – overload them like crazy to reap the rewards later (I have excellent credit in case you are wondering!). I recycle/hoard all sorts of bags and packing materials – grocery plastic bags, shopping bags from department stores and packing boxes, even bubble wrap just incase I need them. Ok, maybe some part of me is still a classic ajumma.
I know about deals on everything from clothing to homewares, I have recommendations on baby products and I would like share a whole lot more of ajumma 2.0 stuff with you. Come along for the ride as I enter this rite of passage and maybe you will also discover that we’re not all that different to our mums. Please let me know your thoughts, comments and anything that brings out the ajumma in you!


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