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I realised few weeks ago that I’ve been very passive about earning points with my credit cards. I’ve opened credit cards with 40k to 50k sign up bonus points, used different credit cards at grocery stores and gas stations to earn bonus points and shopped through airline/bank shopping portals to earn points but it has become apparent that this has been amateur hour.

I’ve been following The Points Guy‘s blog at my friends suggestion and boy do i have a lot to learn. These are few things I’ve noted:

1. There are even bigger sign up bonus points then what is advertised on credit card companies’ website. I recently applied for American Express Business Rewards Gold and the sign up bonus was 75k points. I missed the Platinum‘s 100k sign up bonus offer but I’m sure it will come around again. I hope.

2. You earn points (or double points depending on your credit card rewards) on your gift card purchases at a grocery store. So simple!

3. You should apply for multiple credit cards at the same time because the credit bureaus will combine multiple inquiries into one hard inquiry. Applying for three cards on three different days could impact your score 6-9 points, while applying on one day could only be a 2-3 hit. Der.

Now that I’ve jumped on this points bandwagon, you’ll see ebates and airline/bank shopping portals in Ajummas’ Tip. Cash was always king in my house but I want to be pampered like a queen in first class!


AJUMMAS’ TIP: If you’d like to earn miles instead of cash, you can use the following shopping portals:

AAdvantage eShopping Mall

Delta SkyMiles Shopping

United MileagePlus Shopping

If you have a Chase credit card, read this post about Chase Shopping Portal to earn Ultimate Rewards.




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