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LeSportsac – 70% off selected prints: At the Outlets! March Edition


This is an update to the February post of LeSportsac Clearance prints. There is still a good selection of prints at 70% off at the Outlets. Please let me know if you’re interested in any styles/prints and I’ll see whats available!


Here are sample of the styles and prints in the clearance section.


Ryan Baby Bag (Retail: $138-$168 vs. Outlet: $41.40-$50.40):



Berry Happy







Large Weekender (Retail: $108-$148 vs. Outlet: $32.40-$44.40):



Hope Garden                             Twinkle                                        Lucky Stripe

Mingle                                         Shadow Blossom                      Fly Away

Frolic Blue                                  Girly Soiree                                 Provence

Evening Dance Embroidery     Spring Bouquet                          Peach Pindot

High Five                                    Fly Away Black                           Hoot

Tie Dye                                        Hipstar                                         Hill Top

Swoop                                        Oh La La                                       Let’s Rock


Rectangular Cosmetic (Retail: $20-$28 vs. Outlet: $6-$8.40):

Let’s Rock
Tie Dye







AJUMMAS’ TIP: If you see something you like, buy it before someone else does!


Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 8.29.37 AM


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